Mobile Broadband Connection

I’ve just installed openSuse 11.3.
How can i connect to the internet.
The Mobile Broadband tab on YaST is not clickable.
On Linux Mint that tab is available.

yast~>NetworkSettingsw~> Global Opetions~>Select User Controlled with Networkmanager

Click Ok ignore any warnings

Now you can set up your device/connection with Networkmanager
If upgrading to 4.5.1 you might want to install the plasmoid networkmanager first.

Hello sixonetonoffun,

Thank you ever so much for your help.
I’m new to linux and it can be very frustrating because there are to screen tips as to why something is not working.
But following your instructions and after a couple of hours trying to figure out what was wrong, I unselected the IPV6 option on the Network Settings and voila, I’m replying from my Mobile Broadband connection.
Thank you.