mobile broadband connected but no internet

Hi … i use mobile broadband in opensuse 12.2. Networkmanager recognize my mobile broadband provider but still i can not have internet connection. Modem just work fine on Windows. In my networkmanage, “Connection state” said it is “not enabled”. How to enable it? Is it the issue? Sorry for my poor english.

Are you using KDE Network Manager? If so, my ‘Enable mobile broadband’ is unchecked, but does not influence connectivity with any of the devices I use.

You might want to check status via rfkill

/usr/sbin/rfkill list

Anything soft-blocked?

You can use the NM CLI interface too. Do you see your mobile device listed here?

nmcli con list

If the UUID (eg mine is b2bcfdd8-9c99-43c2-a921-2e4d4c0aae50 ) is listed you could try something like

nmcli con up uuid b2bcfdd8-9c99-43c2-a921-2e4d4c0aae50

For reference, I get

nmcli con up uuid b2bcfdd8-9c99-43c2-a921-2e4d4c0aae59
Active connection state: activating
Active connection path: /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/ActiveConnection/5
state: activated
Connection activated

If you don’t get connected, you’ll need to diagnose further. You could open a console, and examine the system messages

tail -f /var/log/messages

then try connecting vie the network manager. Capture what is reported and post back here. Make sure you enclose the output with CODE ‘#’ tags.