mmcheck Version 2.41 OS: 12.1

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Please let me know if I should be posting this in a previously started thread.

I ran mmcheck and am unsure about several outcomes, here in this SUSE paste:

I feel that having two versions of libavcodec and libavdevice is not a good idea, but not sure. Also unsure if I should delete Sun Java files, if they could be causing crashes, or simply are benign.

I’m running Tumbleweed (12.1) on KDE4 on a PC 64-bit arch.


Your output to those two tests look fine. As for libavcodec and libavdevice, programs looking for a specific version can find it but otherwise, the most recent will be used. In such a case, if you feel there is a problem, its OK to remove the older version if you wish. But, when dual versions are present like this, it is for a reason. Your Java setup is OK for openSUSE 12.1 because Sun Java versions no longer exist and the ones included work much better than they used to, say back when openSUSE 11.3 was newly released.

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Thanks! Glad to know those packages are fine, which closes my questions here.

I was very happy to help and thanks so much for your questions and comments.

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