mkvtoolnix 5.5.8 on repo while 6.6.0 is on the air. Something bad on repos?

I’m using 12.3 X86_64.

OSS repo set and autoupdated set
update repo too.

I’m using mkvmerge and suddenly it says there is a new version, I test it and I see it is on package mkvtoolnix, on oss repo. Version installed is 5.5.8 and there is no newer version on the repos. But new version of mkvtoolnix is 6.6.0 10 version from 5.5.8.
I’ve seach for newer versions and I found them here:

RPM OpenSuSE 12.X mkvtoolnix 6.3.0 i586 rpm

So I’ve followed the link and I found here

Index of /repositories/multimedia:/apps/openSUSE_12.3/x86_64

The 6.6.0 version.

But Why is not in the update repo? I may happen with more packages?


Versions are frozen upon the release of openSUSE. The update repos are for bug fixes, and with rare exception, will not include version upgrades. To find more recent versions, use the Build Service. Search

I’ve found it in the multimedia:app repo. I’ve had to add the multimedia:libs repo too