*.mkv files have no sound

I installed codecs an video card drivers but in koffein player i still have no sound!
Please help!

make sure all your multi-media packages are from Packman
all you want from VLC is libdvdcss

Make sure you have mplayer and xine packages also from Packaman

Is it only in Kaff, that you have no sound? What about VLC

i have sound in mplayer but i don’t no why picture can’t be fullscrened! do you no how to set mplayer?

I am a bit confused as to what your problem is. … I assume your SuSE version has sound, but for some reason you have no sound with Kaffeine with .mkv files, but that other files work ok with kaffiene.

I can make no assumptions as to your SuSE version as you did not tell us.

My undertanding is the codec for .mkv is “matroska” and you need to install “libmatroska” and “libebml”. Those packages come with openSUSE-10.1 to 11.0. I believe it is supplied by Packman for SuSE-10.0. The packman site notes “libmatroska” depends on libebml to work.

Note, to ensure it is easy to install multimedia software on your SuSE version, I recommend you go here:
Repositories - openSUSE-Community
and for your SuSE version, add the following 4 (and only these 4) repositories (where repositories are file servers with openSUSE applications/software):

  • OSS, *]NON-OSS, *]Update, and *]Packman.
    Only those 4. No others. None. When you learn more about SuSE you can add others, but to do so now will only cause you unneeded problems. I have been using SuSE for years and I only use those 4. I add others only when absolutely needed, and as soon as I install the needed software, I immediately remove the other repositories, sticking with ONLY the 4 that I mentioned.

Once those repositories are setup, you can add packman packaged kaffeine, libxine1 (sound engine for kaffeine), libffmpeg0 (codecs for xine), w32codec-all, etc … and many other players and codecs.

Good luck.

I recommend you install the smplayer front end to mplayer. Set up your repositories like I mentioned in my previous post, and then installation of smplayer is very easy.

Here is the smplayer web site, in case you are curious as to what it looks like:
SMPlayer - General Info

tanks man i’ll try this