Mixxx and lame (unable broadcasting mp3 music)

I have problem using Mixxx for broadcasting music. If I chose option “enable
live broatcasting” and start to broadcast, I got messsage:

"Mixxx cannot record or stream in MP3 without the MP3 encoder “lame”. Due to
licensing issues, we cannot include this with Mixxx. To record or stream in
MP3, you must download libmp3lame and install it on your system.
See Mixxx Wiki for more information. "

This message suggests that I have not installed libmp3lame, but I have it.
Actually, I have installed libmp3lame0 in folder /usr/lib
Why I can not broadcast mp3 music? What else I have to install to make Mixxx in my
OpenSiSE 12.1 broadcast mp3 music?

Yes, I have installed OpenSuSE 12.1 (32-bit) operating system.

Thank you for answer my question.

Did you do the switch to Packman for the broken codecs?

When you would have chosen the Multimedia forum here (which seems appliccable to your problem), you would have seen the stickies on top of that forum. Amongst them this one: http://forums.opensuse.org/english/get-technical-help-here/multimedia/452884-multimedia-one-click.html

I am sorry for making mistake. Maybe it is because I don’t come here so often.

I already sdid everything you said (changing repoes to packmanlinux2linux), but nothing changed. Since it is distribudtion I use and all of you are experts in this distribution, can you tell me what are exactly packages in yast I have to check to enable LAME that is required?

Many, many thanks for you help me.

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