Mixed data CD question

I’m trying to set up an iPod for the wife to use in place of CDs for her
elementary music classes. All goes well with the purely music CDs but she
has one series that has a totally different format - it includes .pdf data
files with some classroom artwork and such as well as the music tracks. oS
11.1 recognizes the CD and mounts it as a data CD. KAudioCreator sees the
the audio tracks but cannot read the CDDB info. If I open the CD with
Kaffeine, it does the same thing - a list of track and times but no title,
etc. info. KAudioCreator refuses to read the CDDB info initially but picks
it up if I open the CD with Amarok or Kaffeine then have KAudioCreator try
again but these mixed format CDs refuse to divulge the contents - period.
Ripping the tracks works just fine but find her music is a real pain with
no titles other than Track 1, etc.

This is a PITA when trying to build playlists and libraries, needless to
say. Is there some setting or other method that will allow this CD format
to be forced as an audio CD? She has no use for the data tracks.

Will Honea