mistakenly formatted /dev/sda1 (BIOS boot)

Last night, I had mistakenly formatted my /dev/sda1 which had the BIOS boot. Is it possible to recover this BIOS boot partition or do I have to reinstall OPenSuSE v42.3?

Do you mean the /boot partition or do you mean the EFI partition?

The easiest way to recover BIOS boot partition is to simply reinstall GRUB.

I’m assuming that this for a GPT partitioned disk.

You have to make sure that it still shows as a BIOS boot partition. If necessary, you can use “gdisk” to set that. It should have a type code of EF02 (as shown by “gdisk”). If the data in that partition has been destroyed, you will need to reinstall grub – assuming that it depends on that partition.

I just checked one of my own computers. It has two disks, with a BIOS Boot partition on each. And each showed in “gdisk” as being linux file systems (type code 8300). There must be some errant software did that. I changed the type codes back. But this is a UEFI computer, so those partitions aren’t really used except when I put the system into legacy booting mode for tests.

Yes and the HDD has been partitioned using GPT. I think I will try to reinstall grub to see if that will restore the /dev/sda1 partition. Thank you all.