Mississippi Flooding

The Mississippi River is about 20 miles west of here, went over last evening and tooks some pictures…

Log Loader Chute, MS - Google Maps

Log Loader Chute Photographs

I do not see news, But How and When??

Go to any of the main stream US new sources…

I see now. It is a big disaster. We have the same problems here with Kiphisos.

Have you heard of Hurricane Katrina and what it did to New Orleans, LA?

NOAA Home Page - Hurricane Katrina

NOAA Home Page - Hurricane Katrina Images from NOAA Helicopter

Well if the Mississippi river was allowed to rise without the spillways being opened that were put in place to control flooding, and the flood waters were allowed to flow down the river then this would be a worse disaster.

I am soooooo happy nothing like Katrina or this occurred in the time I lived in New Orleans or Slidell. Just one tropical storm in the whole 5 years.

Hurricane Katrina - NOLA.com

I was here during Katrina ( and cleaned up the mess at the Mother in Laws) the eye went by about 50 miles East up I-55 way, we lost power for 3 days… Also did visit NO a few months after, what a mess it made… :frowning:

I have heard about Katrina but not these floods

"President Coolidge came down in a railroad train
with a little fat man with a note pad in his hand.
President say: “Little fat man, is’n it a shame,
what the river has done to this poor cracker’s land”

From Randy Newman’s “Louisiana (1927)”

“Be well and safe” to all living there, or otherwise being threatened by the floodings.