missing tablet option

Installed openSUSE Leap 42.1 and installed libwacom and kcm_tablet.
Connected my wacom tablet
I still cannot see tablet under system-settings - hardware -input
Anyone ?

Maybe it is because opensuse Leap 42.1 KDE default is using Plasma 5.
Anyone who have the graphic tablet option working…
Howto calibrate a wacom cintiq tablet with plasma 5?

I have openSUSE 42.1 KDE with kcm_tablet installed and in the menu under settings is “Wacom Tabletfinder”. This will map your buttons if that’s what you need.

Yes I also have , but how can I calibrate the tabletscreen and stylus I am still missing the configuration panel.
When using a monitor with the cintiq 22hd the mouse cursor is 2 inches away from the stylus tip!

Ah, I see. I don’t get that issue so haven’t needed to adjust that. Sorry.

Are you using a Pen Display Tablet like the Wacom Cintiq 22HD with the computer monitor enabled or a graphic tablet for example the Wacom Bamboo?

I see now that the Wacom Cintiq 22HD is shown under Joystick and there is a option for calibration ?!

Found onsoftware.opensuse.org: Search
kcm_tablet version 3.0 installed and now the widget graphic tablet is back.
Problem with stylus the cursor is 2 inches away from the stylus tip.
Cannot figure out which settings I should use for the stylus so I have to disable the monitor to get it workable.
Also missing option left or right handed stylus setting.

Howto calibrate wacom stylus pointer.
When using multi screen.

Solved the stylus pointer problem when using multi monitor
xrandr shows the tablet name HDMI-0 and xinput --list shows the Pen stylus ID
Then I just typed in xinput --map-to-output 12 HDMI-0 and it works fine.
Automate this by putting these commands in ~/.xinitrc
Just wondering how o set the stylus left-handed

yeah I was borrowing my daughters Bamboo while she has my Intuos. She’s doing art at Uni so has a need for good hardware. Really don’t like the Bamboo though… the feel is awful compared to what I’m used to. Looks like you’re making progress with sorting out your issues, though I wonder if it is something that needs raising as a bug. Should really be easier than this to configure and with applications like Krita becoming much more mainstream, I think important.

Indeed and Wacom can be seen as the standard.
I would at least expect nowadays the graphic tablet option within system settings.