missing shutdown method in org.freedesktop.PowerManagement dbus interface


I’m using handbrake to encode some dvd’s and am trying to use the autoshutdown feature. It does not work.

However, handbrake does not seem at fault here. When I check in qdbusviewer, there is indeed no shutdown method in the org.freedesktop.PowerManagement interface. This does not seem normal, although I have the same problem on 2 suse 11.3 boxes.

Through this post, I started fiddling with policykit settings, but it doesn’t change anything…

Does anyone know a solution to this problem? Do you have these canShutdown/shutdown methods?


Hello mxttie,

I also want “handbrake” to shutdown my pc, when its work is done. However, I think the interface mentioned in the subject is deprecated. You may try the interface mentioned at that Stackoverflow issue.

Best regards

The solution you refer to uses HAL, which is deprecated by now (see for example this blog post on KDE 4.6 beta1). Also, even if that command would work, Handbrake does not use it and would need patching (then again, why would they do that, that’s what standards are for). As far as I understand, the KDE implementation of the freedesktop powermgmt interface on opensuse is not properly implemented. It turned out to be much easier to patch handbrake to support an alternative shutdown method than to figure out/fix the KDE/opensuse issue.

See this forumpostfor my patch I submitted to Handbrake which will be present in the next version. The patch adds an extra shutdown option “quit app” so you can use KShutdown to shutdown.

works fine here :slight_smile: