Missing shortcut for 'Refresh Desktop' in Plasma 5 Folder View

Hi, I am missing the shortcut for ‘Refresh Desktop’ in Folder View settings for Plasma 5. The issue is shown in the link (http://imgur.com/a/ZotDd). I looked for the ‘Refresh Desktop’ shortcut settings in System Settings > Shortcuts> Standard Shortcuts and in Global Shortcuts but couldn’t find one. KDE 4 and previous versions had F5 as shortcut for ‘Refresh Desktop’. Is there a way I can assign F5 as a shortcut for ‘Refresh Desktop’ ?

Apparently that’s not possible, not even in the latest Plasma 5.10.2.
Feel free to file a bug report at http://bugs.kde.org/ (component plasmashell->folderview) if there isn’t one already.

But why do you need it in the first place?
The folderview should refresh automatically if the contents of the folder changes.

Thanks for the reply wolfi. I will file a bug report.

Once in a while, when I cut a file from the desktop and paste it in another folder, the icon for the file is still shown on the desktop. I have to refresh the desktop in order for the icon to disappear. KDE 4 had F5 for ‘Refresh Desktop’ so I was surprised that this shortcut is missing.