Missing sha256 for /ports/armv7hl/factory/images ???

I am wanting to use an image from http://download.opensuse.org/ports/armv7hl/factory/images/

~JeOS.armv7-rootfs.armv7l-Current.tbz downloads as ~JeOS.armv7-rootfs.armv7l-20160303.0.0-Build1.1.tbz so the ~JeOS.armv7-rootfs.armv7l-Current.tbz.sha256 does not match. Does anyone know what the sha256 or md5sum is for ~**JeOS.armv7-rootfs.armv7l-20160303.0.0-Build1.1.tbz ?

**Anther image I would like to have the sha256 or md5sum for is ~ ARM-XFCE.armv7-rootfs.armv7l-Current.tbz it downloads as ~ ARM-XFCE.armv7-rootfs.armv7l-1.12.1-Build378.1.tbz there are no listings for sha256 for this image.

I have seen openSUSE repositories that have the sha256 or md5sum listed in the Details link. However that is not the case in this repo.

help with this will be greatly appreciated