Missing rsync modules for opensuse-debug and opensuse-source

Hello everyone,
Im trying to create a local mirror for opensuse 11.3 and Ive got problems adding the repositories for debug and source. I searched the modules on rsync.opensuse.org and I couldnt find the right modules. In this [article](http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Mirror_infrastructure#rsync_modules) are described these modules (opensuse-debug, opensuse-source), but its a little old and they are missing for opensuse 11.3. However, if I open rsync.opensuse.org through http I can see there are folders, but I dont know in which modules were put. Ive checked all, but couldn`t find them. Any help will be appreciated :).

What do you find?
On my 11.3, this is what I return with zypper

As you can see, a debug-source is available. Although I don’t see a non-debug source listed, that’s probably not necessary.

# zypper search rsync

S | Name                 | Summary                                           | Type      
  | grsync               | GUI for rsync                                     | package   
  | grsync               | GUI for rsync                                     | srcpackage
  | grsync-debuginfo     | Debug information for package grsync              | package   
  | grsync-debugsource   | Debug sources for package grsync                  | package   
i | librsync             | A Library for Generating Network Deltas           | package   
  | librsync-debuginfo   | Debug information for package librsync            | package   
  | librsync-debugsource | Debug sources for package librsync                | package   
  | nagios-plugins-rsync | Nagios plugin for checking rsync servers availa-> | package   
i | rsync                | Replacement for RCP/mirror that has Many More F-> | package   
  | rsync                | Replacement for RCP/mirror that has Many More F-> | srcpackage
  | rsync                | VUL-0: rsync heap corruption                      | patch     
  | rsync-debuginfo      | Debug information for package rsync               | package   
  | rsync-debugsource    | Debug sources for package rsync                   | package