Missing "Reote desktop" in SAX2 - OpenSUSE 11 RC

Hi All,

I tried configure my X11 for remote access, but I couldn’t find “Remote desktop” TAB in SAX2.
Does anybody know where I can found this feature in OpenSUSE 11 ?

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Something like this should help:
[HOWTO]Dual screen setup OpenSUSE 10.3+ nvidia graphics card - openSUSE Forums](http://forums.opensuse.org/how-faq/385586-howto-dual-screen-setup-opensuse-10-3-nvidia-graphics-card.html)

I looked at your link, but it is only about nVidia configuration.
I am looking for “remote access” configuration in SAX2 like in previous version (e.g. openSUSE 10.3)

There is screenshot of the previous SAX2 settings menu http://files.opensuse.org/opensuse/en/c/cc/103-YaST-Monitor.jpg
You can see that last item is “Remote access”, but I cannot found the item in the OpenSuse 11 (SAX2).

Hi all,

I found solution.

Remote desktop is still available in opensuse 11.
You can find it in the YAST control center / Remote administration.

When you enable remote administration you can login into your computer through
or through any web browser and Java. Open http://remote_computer_ip_adress:5801