Missing option in boot menue

Hello forum,
I am running a multiboot laptop - Opensuse, Linux Mint, Windows. An abortetd installation of OpenSuse 15.4. -my mistake- yielded a system without boot medium. On the second attempt the installation process worked fine and smooth as usual.
The only problem is that the boot menue no longer provides an option for Windows. os-prober only finds Mint and I checked that the bootloader is configured to look for additional OSs.
I still can mount the old Windows partition and all the data still seems to be there. While in the state without boot medium, os-prober found MacOS which was never installed on my laptop, if that is a releveant piece of information.

So I would like to ask what steps I should take to be able again to boot Windows from the boot menu. This is not an urgent problem.

Many thanks in advance!

I think you should add the information if this system uses EFI boot or legacy (if you know that, else people will help you to find out).

The bootloader is GRUB2 for EFI - I couldn’t edit the first post.

Thank you for pointing this out!