Missing/moved packages for 12.1 (dbusmenu, libido)


In order to have the applet System Tray working with Cairo-Dock (GLX-Dock), I need the packages ‘dbusmenu-glib’ and ‘dbusmenu-gtk’ and possibly some of its derivatives like libdbusmenu-gtk and devels (I compile Cairo-Dock).

But I cannot find the gtk package for suse. Only the qt is available and it does not work with Cairo-Dock.

Does anyone know how I could find it elsewhere? Google did not help so far.

Then, has the package ‘libido’ been moved to another name? Does not exist anymore.

I have Tumbleweed and Packman as my repos, along with OSS, non-OSS 12.1 repos, plus the KDE4 series.