Missing mouse pointer


I have openSuSe 11.2 and I just changed my graphics card to Ati HD 4350 and installed proprietary Ati drivers. Seems to work just fine except that I have no mouse pointers. Mouse works but the pointer is not visible. Makes it quite hard to operate my box… :slight_smile:

I did try both radeon and radeonhd -drivers but with either of them I was not able to get decent resolution (2560 x 1600) and functionality. xorg.conf does have nothing but stuff created by Ati driver installer. Oh, and before I installed the Ati driver there was no xorg.conf at all. I have tried to modify the xorg.conf but nothing I have tried did not seem to do the trick.

Does anybody have any idea how I could get the pointers visible?

Problem solved. Unfortunately I am not quite sure how I managed to achieve it…

I just kept installing/uninstalling by different ways (zypper, kpackage, yast, ati’s script) and at the end something just did the trick. Lucky me.