Missing Menu to select what grub entry to use after a reboot

sorry in advance if this is a noob question.
This morning I noticed that the menu to choose a specific grub entry to use after a reboot was mising. I’m not talking about grub itself, but this:
I’ve been looking in yast and System preferences, but i didn’t find any place to configure this feature.
Can somebody explain me how to bring it back, please?
I’m using opensuse 11.1 with kde 4.2 (the picture is from another pc, with kde4.1)


I have a feeling this feature is no longer there. I never used it in the past with 4.1 because I only boot 1 system (openSUSE). But I recall others mentioning it had gone after updating to 4.2

The advantages of 4.2 though are worth it.

It’s been a week since I updated to 4.2, and I’m pretty sure I used the menu a couple of times since then. Just updated my laptop to 4.2 to check it and yep, after the update and the reboot it’s still there, so it wasn’t removed.

Any ideas?

I still have the option in 4.3.61. Do you still have three main options (logout, shutdown, reboot)?

Yes, I have the logout, shut down and restart buttons, I even can select the options to suspend to RAM and hibernate under the shutdown button.
The only thing missing is the reboot options.

ok, found it.
System preferences, advanced tab, access manager (it will ask for root passwd), tab 5 (logouts/shutdown), bootloader -> select “grub”
(sorry if the names aren’t exact, I’m using suse in spanish)

the weird thing is: in my laptop this option is set to “none” instead of “grub” (none being also the default option) and the menu is there :\

Anyway, selecting grub and rebooting did the trick for the other pc.

Thanks for the help!