Missing menu minimize/maximaze/close under wayland

I have an issue with viber from flathub Issue is that under wayland I cannot see menu for minimize/maximaze/close.
My operation system is OpenSuse Tumbleweed.
How can I fix it.

AFAIK those window controls are provided by the Windows Manager.
Try a different window manager, or perhaps try to find out what DM and WM were used to create the flatpack app.


Wayland by design does not have Windows Manager (it has composite manager which is something entirely different). Wayland requires CSD (Client Side Decorations). So it is up to individual application. Common toolkits (Qt, GTK) implement CSD but I have no idea what Viber is using (and it may be statically linked with ancient versions anyway).

The indepedencies of Viber from flathub are :

[1] xdg-desktop, xdg-documents, xdg-download, xdg-pictures, xdg-videos, ~/.ViberPC:create
[2] org.freedesktop.Notifications, org.kde.StatusNotifierWatcher.

The depedencies of Viber from flathub are :

[1] xdg-desktop, xdg-documents, xdg-download, xdg-pictures, xdg-videos, ~/.ViberPC:create
[2] org.freedesktop.Notifications, org.kde.StatusNotifierWatcher.

Did a refresher on Wayland,

Yes, Wayland has now more or less deprecated the Display Manager (well, not really since we still see it as a separate component) and Window Manager (well, actually is replaced by part of the Compositor).

A brief summary of what I read which includes my subjective impressions…

The current stage of Wayland development is extremely new, supposedly supporting your choice of Compositor which is supposed to replace the xorg X server components Display Manager, Window Manager and Compositor.

Currently, there seems to be only one fully tested(as much as can be) Wayland Compositor called Weston, but Sway is making fast progress to try to become a viable alternative (so, if you’re not happy with Weston, maybe it’s worth the risk to try Sway even if it’s on the bleeding edge today).

Skipping some lower level nuts and bolts, when I read what is provided by Weston, it looks like it is the mobile interface applied to all systems(Anyone/everyone remember the Ubuntu Unity Desktop? MS strategy to kill the start button and make everything full screen starting with Windows 8?). For over a dozen years the world has rejected these ideas in favor of the WinXP style Desktop, and here it is again in Wayland… From what I can see, the “mobile Desktop everywhere” is again supported in Weston and anything more has to be provided in a non-standard way. See what is supported, keystroke combos can switch between full screen apps, and more


Who knows… maybe enough complaints will happen to again force Developers to write what Users want like what happened to MSWindows8/10.
Or, maybe go the route of Unity…

Here is a very recent article on latest on Sway, the alternative to Weston…


Apparently there is already an effort to fork Weston and allow adding things like common window consoles, and related (like window controls),
The following describes libweston, which is supposed to provide a framework and reference for extending

All this is very, very new.
If you’re missing features and don’t want to do this kind of work, Wayland might be a bit early for you and you might want to go back to xorg.