Missing Media folder on Opensuse leap 15 new install

Missing /media folder on opensuse 15 install. Im using simplify3d program but it can not see any drives. Looked for /media folder, but unable to find it. I have SD card and two Ext HD. They list on my desktop and Im able to read them. Have they changed the way drives and SDcards mount in this version. I had not used opensuse since version 10. Which was a while back. So if you help you can give I would greatly appreciate it.

You can use the terminal command mount or lsblk to see what is mounted where… it’s in /run/media/username/<mount label or UUID> not /media :wink:

Wonderful thanks…

Yes, quite a bit has changed since then. These devices are now mounted at “/run/media/$USER” (where “$USER” is your login name).

I have found it convenient to do:

ln -s /run/media/$USER media

so that now I look under ~/media . And if they change again, I can just change that link to match.

It is still possible to have removable media mount to /media/ if desired though…


By default, udisks2 mounts removable drives under the ACL controlled directory /run/media/$USER/. If you wish to mount to /media instead, use this rule (eg /etc/udev/rules.d/99-udisks2.rules):


==1: mount filesystem to a shared directory (/media/VolumeName)

==0: mount filesystem to a private directory (/run/media/$USER/VolumeName)

See udisks(8)

ENV{ID_FS_USAGE}==“filesystem|other|crypto”, ENV{UDISKS_FILESYSTEM_SHARED}=“1”