Missing letters in text for Firefox and LibreOffice

As I type this the letters e, l, f are missing from the title, while the letter L (lower case only) is missing from this sentence, replaced by a letter space.
OpenSuse 13.2 64-bit with all on-line updates, KDE (the cap k dropped out), on a Toshiba with a core i5 Intel processor.
Happens occasionally, as it has with earlier versions of OS and software (Cap o displays as a black rectangle). Rebooting will usually clear the problem. Is this message appearing with all letters visible? The preview of this post shows the letters missing.

The text you show above seems to be faultless in respect of the characters used.
Thus the text is there as you type them, you only do not seen them.

Time to disassemble and clean the keyboard ???
did you spill Coffee on it ?

I do not think that is the case. The characters he types are in the tekst when seen on other systems (like in his post above). Thus the keyboard must function correctly.

does changing the font size solve??

Nothing spilled on keyboard. Problem clears when the machine reboots. Should mention also that the problem, when it appears, also affects Thunderbird. So my guess is there’s something in the display (X11?) or related entity.
Perhaps related, the Thunderbird display occasionally goes black around the edges, covering the menus and account list. These become visible again when the mouse cursor passes over them.

Most likely a video driver issue. What is your video card? Onboard Intel HD-something, AMD or NVidia? What driver are you using?

Also, does this happen with any application (kwrite, libreoffice, firefox, etc.) or only FF and TB?

The video hardware seems to be “Mesa DRI Intel Ironlake Mobile” (from Kinfocenter under Graphical Info / OpenGL). Under Xserver it show version 11.601.000 The processor is Intel i5 in a Toshiba laptop.

Searching for ‘driver’ in Yast, including description, I find several that appear related to video:
a bunch of xf86-video- including

There are other software packages for printers and other functions.

I can confirm that the blanked letters appear in Firefox, LibreOffice, and Thunderbird. Have not seen the problem in a text editor like Kwrite.


I was wondering if you ever found a solution to this issue?

I have just started a new job and was given a Thinkpad T550, unboxed it myself and determinately haven’t dropped anything on the keyboard. I started out with gnome, because that is what I am used to and I noticed the same/similar issue there. I had troubles with logging in to a domain account using gnome, so switched to KDE (long time since I have used it and very impressed) and I occasionally see an issue with text missing, but as described earlier, the text appear to be there, it just doesn’t draw on screen. For example, I have google searched for “missing 0 opensuse” the 0 doesn’t show up in the google search box, but when the results return the character is visible on the search results page. Like you I am using an Intel GPU, Renderer Mesa DRI HD 5500 (Broadwell GT2), X-Server reports release 11,601,000

I noticed fonts missing in Zim and Firefox, as well as others previously that I can’t think of right now…

As a test I just resized the “General” font size in Fonts and now the 0 characters are appearing everywhere. But this is a transient issue, so not sure if the issue will reoccur.



No solution found. Problems persists, but frequency has diminished to once very two weeks or so. I’m counting down the days to the next release of openSuse with the hope that will not have the same problem.

****, it’s pretty annoying!

I just rebooted and now fonts on FF are flickering on and off:

Someone suggested turning off desktop effects, looks to have fixed most of the annoying display glitches I have been seeing System Settings > Desktop effects Enable desktop effects at startup

Alt Shift F12 is the default to toggle them…

Desktop Effects have been turned off for a long time–never use them. Yesterday the cap P started to appears a an aposltrophe (’) in Thunderbird. Just that one letter is affected so far. Very strange.

Keyboard going bad???

Don’t think it’s the keyboard. The notebook computer creates documents that display correctly. It is the main screen on Thunderbird where I see the effect in the lists of emails. The character changes occur anywhere: from, to, subject, etc.

Just to see if, restarted the computer; cap Ps now appear again.