Missing Icons on Plasma5 notifications - image attached


This is probably about configuration, but I had tested everything on systemsettings5 and could not fix it:

On one of my machines, there is one user that the Icons on the notifications are missing like in the lower part of the image below:


The upper side shows the same notification on another user, with the same theme (breeze dark - the problem still happens with other themes) but with the expected icons. The missing Icons still work when you click on the area that they should be.

The system is fully updated and on the same machine the problem does not happen to others users.

I could fix it by deleting all kde configuration files but I am expecting not to start over from the default desktop.

My question is: Which files should I delete to fix this problem (instead of deleting all kde configuration)?
My guess is that’s something related to icon size, but I don’t know which files stores this info.

Delete the icon cache, which is located in ~/.cache/icon-cache.kcache (you can just remove the whole folder as well, it only contains caches).

I’ve deleted this file before logging in, but it didn’t work. I will try to delete the whole folder ~/.cache/ on next login :slight_smile:

Ok, those particular icons might also be located in the plasma theme cache, ~/.cache/plasma_theme_.kcache or ~/.cache/plasma-svgelements- .

I will try to delete the whole folder ~/.cache/ on next login :slight_smile:

This should help in any case… :wink:

Perfect!! That solved the problem! Thanks Wolfi!!