Missing HD/Partition Please help

I just installed suse for the first time and I think I made a mistake upon installation. It wanted to mount my windows partition and my extra storage hard drive as “windows1 and windows2” i believe it was. At the time I didn’t see this as a problem BUT I really want access to my storage hd and access to my windows partition but both don’t seem to exist in the world of suse. Is there anyway that I can regain access to this without having to reinstall suse?

yast > system > partitioner

Simply add a mount point by editing the windows partition properties.

An additional suggestion once you get into the Yast partitioner. :slight_smile: Make sure you use a descriptive name for your Windows mount points, especially for external hard drives.

Things can get very confusing if you don’t. I learned this one the hard way when I saved some files from work to the wrong drive and left it at home on the day of an important meeting. :eek:

I have 2 Windows partitions on my system, and they are mounted in the /windows directory I use for the mount point. The windows boot drive mounts on /windows/C (ntfs) and the data is /windows/D (vfat). External hard drives and USB sticks are even easier - make sure you set the volume labels, and they will show up under /media when they automount. Easier to keep track of things that way.