Missing gpg keys packman


I made a mistake when I first time downloaded the codecs from Packman. I think I answered wrong about the keys. When I look into the repositories in Yast, and click on gpg keys I get only keys for opensuse@opensuse.org and build@suse.de. The Packman gpg should be there as well? The reason I asked is also when I click at the icon for software update, I get a message saying:

A security trust relationship is missing..................check your software signature settings

Can anybody give me a piece of advice on this issue?

Dag R

the simplest thing to do is remove and then readd the packman repo
what’s your repo list?

zypper lr -d

That was an easy way! Think this works now. No messages about keys when I ran the zypper dup, no errors when I checked via the menu item for updates, and the gpg keys is in the yast module.

Thanx a lot.

Dag R