Missing desktop switch and autosuspend in 11.2

My update from 11.1 to 11.2 is good but I can’t find any way of setting a timed autosuspend to disk. It used to be in kpowersave but that doesn’t seem to be available. Is it simply a case of waiting for an 11.2 version to appear? Would the 11.1 version still work?

The other thing is that the task bar icon for switching desktops is missing and despite a lot of searching I can’t see how to get it back. Any help would be appreciated.

You mean like this

See also System Settings - Advanced - Power Management

Ooops, yes you’re right - the power management thing works fine. I thought it referred to just switching off the screen - must try harder. Thanks for that.
That just leaves the desktop switching thing.

Switching ??
Users or the Desktop Pager View?

There is a widget suspend applet with the kde desk top
turn display off

Thanks dale - the power management things has fixed it ok.

Re: switching, I refer not to users but desktops. There used to be a small group of rectangles in the task bar. You could switch desktops by clicking on them but now they aren’t there. You can select how many alternative desktops you would like in “System Settings - Desktop - Multiple Desktops” but I see no way of actually switching between them.

Aha - it’s ok folks, I’ve found the desktop pager. Like a lot of these things, it’s knowing what to look for isn’t it!! Thanks for your help.

I think I gave you a clue :wink:

Well done though!

Switch Desktops WAS Ctrl+Shift+Tab [backwards]




How please can I set this up again??


Anna - the desktop pager seems to have been changed to a widget called “pager”. I was able to drag it from the list of widgets to the task bar. I’m afraid I don’t know what the keyboard method is.

These are the settings.
Are you saying you no longer have this functionality?
I’m not sure where the setting is.
Hang on. I’ll look around.

Try Alt+TAB

Settings are in System Settings - Keyboard and Mouse - Global Keyboard Shortcuts

I too have a problem with the Pager Widget.

With openSUSE 11.1, I can detach the Pager, KPager, and place it anywhere on the desktop. Then, with the KPager showing icons corresponding to the applications open on each desktop, I can switch instantly to the desktop I require by simply clicking on that pager window.
Also I can slide applications from desktop to desktop via the pager.

I can’t find a way to set this up with 11.2, is it possible?



Ok, so I’ve got mixed up between ‘pager’ and ‘kpager’!

So is there an equivalent of kpager in suse 11.2?
I can’t find it listed in yast. Is it just a kde3 option.

I’m finding kde4 very cumbersome.
I lost the original panel settings and can find no way of retrieving them.

Any help would be much appreciated.