Missing Desktop-folder window KDE

Before leap 15.0 I had a plasma window on my monitor showing the desktop-folder entries.

Now , actusally some time now all I see a row of icon not that neat plasma window .
How do I get it back ???

Thanks and best regards

That’s just a change of defaults.

Step one: Unlock widgets (if they are locked). You can get to that with right-click on desktop.

Step two: Right click on the desktop, and select “Configure Desktop”. Then switch the layout from “Folder view” to “Desktop Containment”. That will get rid of the icons that you currently see on your desktop.

Step three: Add widgets. That should appear on the menu from right-click on desktop (assuming widgets are still unlocked). Scroll through the available widgets, until you find the “Folder View” widget. Drag that to your desktop. You can later position it or resize it as needed.

That’s it. You might want to lock widgets when you are done.

That is excellent, thank you very much !

The only thing I can’t do is resizing , as I used to and could not find a way to do it … what is the trick ?

thanks and best regards

When I hold the mouse (left mouse key) for a long enough time, some controls appear on the right of the widget. They will disappear after a while, unless you are actively using them. One of those is for resizing.