Missing -db.00* Files

I’m trying to rebuild the rpm database to solve the problem of kupdate failure.

I understand that there should be some files called _db.00* in /var/lib/rpm, which should be deleted, but I have no such files. If I run “rpm --rebuild” anyway, these files are still not created. I have searched my system to see whether they are hidden elsewhere, but they do not seem to be present anywhere.

Can someone shed some light on this, please? Maybe this is the source of my problem?

I am running 11.1/kde3.5.

Do you mean you are trying this from su term:

rpmdb --rebuilddb

Yes - but I’ve been using rpm --rebuilddb.

Some information I have just received, however, says that the -db.00* files may not be present (they are apparently a “locking” file), so the rebuild should still work. It hasn’t fixed my kupdater problem, though!

Thanks for your help