Missing colout package in utilities repository


I installed colout package from utilities repository - http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/utilities/openSUSE_13.2/ at Jun 10 2016.
Today I want install this package on my workstation at work. I added and refresh repositories, but Zypper can’t found colout package.
I check on site https://software.opensuse.org/package/colout?search_term=colout, that currently there is no colout package in utilities’s repository.
Someone know why?

LC_ALL=c rpm -qi colout     
Name        : colout
Version     : 0.4
Release     : 1.1
Architecture: noarch
Install Date: Fri Jun 10 17:39:35 2016
Group       : Applications/Tools
Size        : 158595
License     : GPL-3.0
Signature   : DSA/SHA1, Sat Nov  1 18:34:53 2014, Key ID 7cd94deb9056621d
Source RPM  : colout-0.4-1.1.src.rpm
Build Date  : Sat Nov  1 18:34:45 2014
Build Host  : build32
Relocations : (not relocatable)
Vendor      : obs://build.opensuse.org/utilities
URL         : http://nojhan.github.io/colout/
Summary     : Color up arbitrary command output
Description :
colout is a simple command to add colors to a text stream in your terminal.

The colout command line interface has been carefully designed to be simple.
Basically, you will call it like:
<text stream> | colout <pattern to color> ]

colout has the ability to use 8 colors mode, 256 colors mode, colormaps, themes
and source code syntax coloring. Patterns are regular expressions.

You can think of colout as an alternative to grep --color which will preserve
the surrounding context, whith more powerful coloring capabilites.
Distribution: utilities / openSUSE_13.2

Asking one of my fellow utilities repo maintainers to see why it’s vanished… :wink: I don’t see any delete requests, all I see is the original submit request.

The maintainer just decided to delete, since he didn’t use any more…?? I undeleted, took maintainership, then branched and cleaned it up :wink:


At least it’s back for you now, once the SR is accepted. Enjoy :slight_smile: