Missing Akonadi5 resource for Google address book

Hi, guys!
I have upgraded the default leap versions of akonadi, kdepim4, kaddressbook, kmail, etc. to the 15.08 version of each from main Leap repository.
Now I am not able to add my Google addressbook to Kaddressbook, since the akonadi5 resource for Google addressbook is gone. Please see the screenshot,

Is it a bug or a feature?

I think the Google resource needs libkgapi which hasn’t been released yet as KF5 version.
So yes, this is a (missing) feature.

If you need to connect to Google, better switch back to the KDE4 versions.
kdepim5 is basically just shipped as “technology preview” at this point.

Dear wolfi323, thank you very much for the explanation. I wonder whether this feature will be added back to akonadi in the foreseeable future.

AFAICT the feature is there (I don’t know whether it works though), but you need to build KDEPIM with libkgapi, which we cannot do (for the stable packages) as it is not released yet.

As soon as there’s a KF5 based, stable, libkgapi available, we could use it at least for the packages in KDE:Applications.

The unstable packages in KDE:Unstable:Applications do actually contain the Google resources, so if you are adventurous you could try those.

Thank you, it is all clear now.