Missing activity messages in KMail2?

When I recently moved from 11.4 to 12.3, KMail became KMail2. One feature that I have become used to in KMail was the status/activity messages that appeared when I clicked on Check Mail. Basically there were two:

  1. Checking account <> for mail
  2. No new messages for < >

The first one assured me that something was going on (checking the POP server at my ISP), and the second, in default of the appearance of new messages in my Inbox, told me that there really weren’t any new messages. I rather liked this information, because I am generally suspicious of clicking on a button and getting no feedback. I would be ashamed of the number of times I have waited inordinately long times for something to finish that was stalled or aborted with no output if I ddn’t know that others have done the same. In any event, I would like to have these messages back, or their equivalent. Does anyone know if there is a setting that controls them? I have seen nothing obvious (to me anyway) in the the Configure KMail menus.