Misc VLC issues should be resolved by upgrading to PulseAudio 3.x

Thank you to the openSUSE Travel team, only because of your support attending SCALE11x was the information in this post found which is being contributed directly through the openSUSE forums.
[HR][/HR]The booth next to openSUSE at SCALE11x was manned by VideoLAN, so I of course took advantage of the proximity to ask questions related to some I’ve seen in the Technical Help Forums and my own experience. Was able to have a conversation directly with one of the top engineers.

I’ve often observed latencies that sometimes cause the audio and video to become unsync-d.
Upgrade to PulseAudio 3.0. As of today, 12.2 is using PulseAudio 1.1. I did some preliminary investatigation and found PulseAudio 3.0 in Factory only available for 12.3. Tested trying to install on 12.2, quickly found that many dependency libraries are not easily found, possibly completely unavailable as packages so I’d say the easy solution is to just upgrade to 12.3.

Launching VLC flashes on, then crashes off. After numerous clicks, VLC launches correctly.
According to the engineer, his feeling is that this was a KDE issue, not VLC itself. As it is, it’s unlikely many bugs for KDE 3.x will ever be fixed, almost all patch efforts are focused on 4.x, so as of today the first recommendation should likely be to** upgrade KDE to 4.9 or 4.10** and see if the problem still exists.

That last bit about upgrading any KDE 3.x to 4.x should probably be made to every KDE issue, if the problem is actually a bug it’s unlikely to get much attention if it’s not related to 4.x.