Mirroring suse 10.1 for 11.0


I am new to linux. We have 2 linux machines. both running suse 10.1. I want to upgrade both machines to openSuse 11.

Machine 1 is running all the services i.e squid proxy, intranet etc to the 2nd machine is for testing.

My idea is to upgrade 2nd machine to suse 11 and transfer all the services from machine 1 to machine 2 and then upgrade machine 1 to opensuse 11 and then transfer everything back on it.

I just want to know if there is any easy way for transfering? Can I make a mirror copy of everything and copy to 2nd machine?

Thanks in advance.

you really need to backup and do a fresh install

as i mentioned i am new to linux system, Can you please clarify how can I backup (if there is anything special or tool in linux)

back up means all your important documents etc

maybe you have a /home
all that should do
but you will likely need somewhere to backup to.

no special tools really