mirroring of a php website for offline viewing


is there a way that I can archive an entire website (to a local drive) that makes heavy use of php so that I could view at a later time OFFLINE?

I tried wget with no luck.

You can use any system to download, even wget or save a complete site with the webbrowser but you will not be able to view PHP webpages which are saved offline in a folder on your computer.
You always need a PHP backend system, meaning you have to install a LAMP system at least and put the downloaded site mirror in your LAMP webserver root to view it from there with a webbrowser.

If u just want to browse the site ofline wget can usually do the trick but HTTrack is more easy to use. HTTrack Website Copier - Offline Browser

I did find that…
Question: which linux variant do I install?
also will I still need to install LAMP as per LREs suggestion above? or will the httrack make an automagic conversion to html?

regards, and thank you for your response

no need for LAMP. httrack saves in html.

which variant should I install ? debian or redhat or other?

thank you


I think I used the tar.gz file and compiled it. ( I do not have it installed now). Pretty straight forward if I remember correctly!

the command line version has a nice wizard.

Good luck!

On 03/26/2011 04:06 PM, qu1nn wrote:
> which variant should I install ?

compile from source httrack-3.44.1.tar.gz

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