Mirror user environment

Hello all,

I need to bring a user from one laptop to another. Both laptops have suse 15.1. What is the correct set of files to mirror ?
I guess the list will comprise user’s home ~/.* files? But which are most significant?


When you want to migrate a user from one system to another, you first have to create that user on the new system (e.g. YaST > Security and Users > Users and Groups. It is important that that user has the same UID as it had on the old system. Of course, when that UID is already in use on the new system by another user, that is impossible and a new UID must be chosen. Also the groups (most importamt one the primary group) that users uses have the same Group Name and GID on the new system. When the same UID can nt be used, extra work should be done after the data is moved.

After that action the user exists and the data can be moved. Indeed that is ALL of the old /home/<username>.
When the user got a new UID, then for all there the ownership must be changed

chown -R <username> /home/<username>

Most often the user does nt have any files outside of her/his home directory. When there is, similar actions must be done for those .

Please think about this and ask if you do not understand.