Mirror openSUSE 11.0 updates only


I would like to know if is possible to mirror only the openSUSE 11.0 updates.

The following command mirror the 10.3 and 11.0 updates:

rsync -rlpt rsync.opensuse.org::opensuse-updates openSuSE-updates/ --delete-after --delete-excluded --max-delete=4000 --timeout=1800 -hi

But in our workplace, all stations were updated to openSUSE 11.0, so I want to setup a local mirror of 11.0 update only to manage “offline” updates to all desktops. Something like the “YUP” on SLES-10.


I assume you’ve seen this Mirror Infrastructure - openSUSE

You can’t specify in the rsync line just that directory in the /update tree that is for 11.0?

Thanks mingus725!

I just append the “/11.0” directory to the command, as you suggested! The rsync command:

rsync -rlpt rsync.opensuse.org::opensuse-updates/11.0 openSuSE-updates/ --delete-after --delete-excluded --max-delete=4000 --timeout=1800 -hi

A last question: openSUSE does not have a “mirror utility” like YUP in SLES/SLED? Our servers run SLES, and the YUP is just perfect: it mirror the updates tree on 1 server, and the others just use it.

By using the rsync I can get more or less the same result, but YUP gives us much more flexibility. openSUSE have some utility like that?


Glad to have been of help :slight_smile:

Re YUP, yes, it is in the openSUSE software repository. I haven’t ever used it. The description seems to suggest it is only for licensed users of SLE, although I’m not sure why then it would even be included in openSUSE. Anyway, worth a look. Also, search in the repositories on “mirror” (include Description) and you’ll find a couple other mirroring utilities.

Thank you again for the information!