Minor Multimedia Config problems


I have a few very minor multimedia config problems which hopefully someone has the answer to.

1)I followed the multimedia tutorial on the forums to download and install the needed “libraries” but it wouldn’t install xvidcore because of a conflict,so I didn’t bother with it.

However,after doing so,I was able to play dvds with any video program.Still play quicktim vids on Nasa TV,or windows media.

The other minor problem was last night using >Yast>Software>Patterns,I decided to install Gnome and have a look at it.

Today,on the NASA site,after seeing the big red x,I realized Totem had taken over,so I went into Firefox’s addons and disabled Totem’s plugins,so as to force Nasa’s TV channels to come up in the Real Player plugin.

Now,I know this is a work around,but can somebody suggest a better way to make all these video formats play nicely together!

If only we could do like in Windows and just have Real Player do ALL media!

Sometimes work-a-rounds are the best way to go. I had sound problems in Ubuntu when I used run it and I delted pulse audio and all the sound problems were then gone. I guess you can delet TOTEM. I have the same problem with TOTEM on my system when I try to load videos I receive in my email. I don’t have this problem in Firefox. TOTEM is not set to run videos as my preferred application either.