Minor issues in Gnome in new openSUSE install

Having recently installed Leap 42.1 this weekend I noticed a few minor issues in Gnome, and I’m wondering if anyone else has seen similar issues, whether there is a quick work around, or I need to raise a bug report. I am using a domain (samba) account to log in, although the issue with wallpapers/lock screen images was apparent on the machine account also:

  • My domain account doesn’t appear in the list of users when I first start the laptop up and I have to type it in each time, is there any way to ensure it stays in the list of user accounts on the login screen?
  • The account image I have set for my Domain account doesn’t appear on the login screen once I lock the screen, I have set this through the gnome User section, if I reboot the machine it forgets the image altogether. If I lock the screen it doesn’t show the image next to my name
  • The background and lock screen images don’t apply as shown in the settings, I have attached an image to illustrate this, but currently the image I have selected for the lock screen is applied to both lock screen and desktop. When I connected a second monitor I had the Background image on the second screen only, the primary screen displayed the lock screen image still (Full disclosure, I installed this package for some extra wallpapers: http://software.opensuse.org/package/dynamic-wallpapers-11x)


I know none of these issues are major ones, but they’re minor annoyances which I haven’t seen before in Gnome, any help is greatly appreciated!

I’ve noticed a few things to do with these 3 issues:

  • My domain account doesn’t appear in the list of users, unless I log in to a user account on the machine, then log out or switch users, at that point the domain account is listed. I tried changing to a different tty, then switching back, but this didn’t make it appear in the same way. I’m wondering whether the domain users are not available immediately for gdm to display?
  • The account image issue only affects my domain account, I have set an image for my computer account from the same folder (Pictures folder in domain user account) and that always shows up, but for my domain account the image never shows, unless I use one of the pre-installed images.
  • The background and lock screen images are the wrong way round in both account types, has anyone else observed this?

It seems that the domain user will appear on the login screen, but only if I wait around a minute, then change to a tty before changing back to the login screen, the domain user then appears…