Minor issue with Thermal Monitor widget

I am running the thermal monitor widget on my Plasma 5 KDE desktop which used to simply display the lm-sensors temps etc OK on boot up with no intervention at all. I now find that on boot up the widget displays nothing until I right click on it and select Reload Temperature Sources after which it runs fine. I have checked and lm-sensors is enabled and active on boot. As I said it is only a minor issue but I think it should display without any intervention. Any ideas please?


From what I can see, the “plasmoid-thermal-monitor” package is not in any Tumbleweed repositories and, the Leap 42.1 package is only available from a “home” repository.
Also, it does not seem to be an “official” KDE Plasma 5 Plasmoid.
It uses the “lm_sensors” package which is also “home-only”.
[HR][/HR]Do you need help to get the thing repaired and possibly into a state where the KDE community will accept it?

Let’s put it another way: with the migration from KDE 4 Plasma (Qt4) to KDE Plasma 5 (Qt5) there was/is a (mostly fixed) issue with the Package Updater not recognising when the WLAN is activated – it sometimes (still) maintains that there is no network connection to the update repositories when a user session is started.

From what you are saying, it seems that the Qt5 issue with KDE Plasma 5 user sessions not finding all the needed system services at initialisation time, is also affecting applications using the thermal sensors.
[HR][/HR]Do you wish to try and repair this issue?
Someone could try and contact the widget and lm_sensors developers to determine if they are planning to modify their code to better suit KDE Plasma 5.

Thanks for the replies and apologies. I had forgotten I had downloaded this and now have re-installed the latest update which I hope fixes the issue I was having.


OK, but, do you believe that this Plasmoid should be included in the openSUSE repositories?

  • It seems to work and seems to be useful.

Well I can only speak for myself but I do find it useful and use it on both laptop and desktop (LEAP and TW respectively) so yes I think it would be a worthwhile addition.


May have to view it as a Plasmoid adding to the sensors capabilities of ksysguard which the ksysguard5 package supplies.