Minor and major problems with 15.5

I will start with the minor as it is late and. I am tired

Brand new install on, a pristine computer. I have a strange to me desktop but the keyboard is the wrong one
. I was offered a test area but no way to change it. Oddly using tty1 has correct keyboard. Confusing

When you are woken up again and fresh, please consider making one thread per problem. That will also give you the opportunity to give each thread a title that tells people what the problem is about instead of the above nothing saying one

And please take into account that nobody here can read your mind, nor can look over your shoulder. So please provide information. Like which desktop did you expect to get as that user. What do you mean with “test area”. Etc.

For the future please think twice before you post a question when you are not fit. People here are willing to spend some of their spare time to help you as volunteers, but your cooperation to make the discussion as fruitful and smooth as possible will be appreciated.


Strange – during the installation, the system’s keyboard layout is asked for –

If, during the installation, you hit “Next” instead of setting the “Language” and “Keyboard Layout” parameters correctly, you’ll get “English (US)” as the system language and, “English (US)” as the default system keyboard layout …

Why did many Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) diagnostic programs use the Space Bar as the “Next” command?

  • To allow the technician to lie on the floor under the console’s keyboard with a beer and, simply reach up to tap the largest and most easily determinable key …
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Haha! My very first computer was a DEC PDP-11 from Heathkit that I built 45ish years ago. I always sat in a chair when I drank that beer! :wink:


45 years ago → about 1968 – the first DEC PDP-11 was the PDP-11/20 which began shipping in 1970 at a price of US$11,800.
You possibly mean the Heathkit H11 which began shipping in 1978 at a price of US$1,295 – with an LSI-11 CPU …

I was meaning the machines shipped by DEC in the early 1970s with KA11, KB11 and KD11 CPUs and, either RK05 or RL01 or RP02 or RP03 disks and, running either RT-11 or RSX-11 or RSTS/E or MUMPS operating systems …

And yes, my DEC Badge Number is burned into my brain …

2023 - 45 = 1978… :slight_smile: And yes, It was the Heathkit H11 with the single board LSI-11 CPU. I used PDP-8s and PDP-11s, the DEC models, in college in the early/mid 1970s. The H11 came with a paper tape punch/reader, but I updated that to a dual 8" floppy as soon as Heakit made one available. So it was ever attached to a hard drive.


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I managed to get 15. 5 installed and running with fvwm as I desired. So do not know why I was not offered the option to set the keyboard layout. All I can see is that it I correct

Just as a foot note one of my early computing was on a pdp7in the late 1960s


An 18-bit machine … The predecessor of the PDP-9 which was the predecessor of the PDP-15 …

  • BTW, Dave Cutler was involved in the RSX-11M development, which was the result of a 18-bit to 16-bit port from RSX-15 …
    Cutler??? → VAX/VMS … DEC Compilers … Windows NT …

As there is no real technical question/problem answer/solution going on here, it does not belong to a technical help forum.

And as we do not have a ‘nostalgia’ section here, I will move it to the Chat section.

Wish you all happy memories of the times of PDP, VAX, AIX, HP-UX, SunOS, EXEC-8, whatever comes to the surface of your minds full of experiences.

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