minmal install


In the release note they talk about a minimal install, in that paragraph it mentions “patterns-openSUSE-minimal_base-conflicts” and they say this pattern can be removed after installation.

Could someone enlighten me on how this is done

Thank you , as always your help is appreciated

This is how I’d generally do it…

First determine the contents of the pattern.
Then delete the packages in that pattern.

So, first step is to open the file that contains the patterns for that openSUSE version, for openSUSE 42.2, open the following link


Then, do a search for your pattern name, and it will list all the packages in that pattern.

I’ve been down the road you’re traveling, usually I find it faster and easier to just wipe clean and re-install. Typically any text-only or minimal systems I run are relatively simple single app systems anyway, easy to re-install and re-deploy if I still want to run that app.

I don’t know exactly what you might mean by “can be removed after installation” if you intend to keep the system as-is. The only reason I know of to remove it is if you want to install a Desktop… You can’t as long as those packages are installed.


Thanks tsu2
I got that info from the release notes 1.1. Minimal System Installation .
Thanks for your help I will give it a try, probably end up reinstalling, the release note talk about this change to preventing big downloads of file not needed on a minimal release