Minitube and Totem?

They won’t play youtube videos. It says the file is missing. My feeling is this is something youtube have done to stop you using third party stuff.

Anyone else have this problem?

Anyone? This is annoying.

Give me an example. I have no clue what you are on about.

I run minitube the program or the youtube plugin for totem. Both report missing files. Yet youtube is happily up and running. My suspicion is they have stopped us using third party software to access the site.

Does minitube work for you then?

Also one click download for youtube in firefox doesn’t seem to work. I think Google has cracked down on these alternative ways of viewing the media. Just a theory.

I actually seldom visit youtube
Don’t use minitube
I have used downloadhelper in the past to grab stuff in the past, but not using it now.
Beyond this I probably can’t advise much

Anyone else having problems?

Here what did I tell you. I knew it wasn’t my fault.

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