MiniSUSE at SUSE Studio

I’ve done some updates on the site - so I thought I can gather some feedback here at the Forums.
Please browse around the site and/or download MiniSUSE if you have some time!

I am looking forward for the feedbacks,

Hi Greg,

I could imagine this to be usefull on older systems, but I don’t meet those much. For what MiniSUSE does/is supposed to do, I use USB media containing the latest LiveCD. For myself a X-less install is no problem, for many of admins it is. They should at least have Yast in ncurses available, since they are taught to use that…

Still, I love it. Will download, try and get back here with results.


Hello Gertjan,

I’ve included YaST now. I did not want to add those packages, as in the beginning it was a huge plus to the disk space. Now, when other applications rely on shared things that YaST uses too, it is a bit more modest.

On the other hand, I did not manage yet, to build an X system on top of MiniSUSE that only big enough to run. Will keep working on it.

Did you finally check out the appliance? Do you have any feedback/suggestion?
Check out the new version with YaST if you have time!


Hi Greg,

Have to say, I’m lacking spare time at the moment, but first I need to get an account to download the image. I hope to check it out this weekend.



MiniSUSE looks good. I’ll give it a go soon

Hi, as a short question

is everything Mini in MiniSuse? I just had the Problem that i tried to
instaöö Suse on an Old Toshiba Portege 4000 (about 128 MB Ram) and it cant
even boot the installer (Stoped at 2/6 70% at installer bootup).

So is the installer a bit smaller even?



Hello Jörg,

unfortunately the packages do not get smaller in MiniSUSE, the installer has the same size. I recommend trying to run MiniSUSE with at least 256MegaBytes of RAM - I always have success with that amount.