Minimum Requirements

What are the minimum requirements to run openSuse 12.1?? please tell

Hardware requirements - openSUSE

It all comes down to what desktop you initially run, and later on what applications:
Both my desktop and laptop have old hardware and still run fantastic with LXDE desktop which doesn’t need a lot of resources. For example, my laptop is a HP DV2000 with a single core 1.8GHZ cpu and 1GB ram (i had 512mb ram until not long ago) with a 80gb hdd. since i use it mostly for browsing and emailing, it runs funtastic using LXDE desktop.

My Desktop is stronger, with an AMD 4800+ dual-core cpu at 2.5ghz, with 4 GB of RAM. I also installed LXDE desktop on it, and with the added RAM i can run Vitualbox
sessions of Windows and other OS’s, plus edit videos and audio. I have Nvidia video card, running 2 monitors, I can’t remember the model but it also not the latest.

Both run openSuse 12.1.