Minimum Installation Size

I’m planning to install openSUSE on a rather old computer(1,5 GB RAM 2,2 GHz Intel Celeron) and I have only 3,6 GB disk space at my disposal.
Using Xfce or LXDE desktop environment what is the minimum installation size I can get while retaining a usable system?

I would look at using SuSE Studio to streamline a
nice light install…

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Good idea, I’ll check it out, thank you very much:)

On 08/27/2011 04:16 PM, isamu715 wrote:
> I have only 3,6 GB disk space at my disposal.

i would not suggest you even try with openSUSE…

sure, the minimum requirements here might lead you to believe
you have enough space, but i highly doubt it as i think those minimums
is for a non-X (that is, command line only) system…like for a headless
server, or embedded system…

i strongly suggest you look to a much smaller, lighter distro like one
of those i (using a different login ID) suggested a couple of years ago

of course, things change, distros come and go…but i guess either Puppy
or D@mn Small can be shoehorned into 3 GB, if it is contiguous and
error free…

but hey, that is not to say you can’t try, just for fun…let us know
how you get on…

but, be advised that if it were me, before i began to ‘try’ i would
BACK UP all the stuff on that drive which is too important to just dump
in order to make more room…and, also before you begin please read my
sig’s caveat…

and, don’t forget the chance to just try a Live CD!

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Your problem is not RAM but disk space; I have succesfully intalled Galpon Minino on a system with an even smaller disk size. This is a Galician (Spanish) Debian 5 distro and so, once you have it installed, you can add other programs though, as it comes with Abiwork and Gnumeric, a lot will depend on your needs. Since I installed it, they have put up reasonably comprehensive English instructions but I had no difficulty with it as it was pretty well set up anyway. BTW I chose the PCManFM file manager as in openSUSE LXDE rather than the default ROX filer.

Well, actually the installation of openSUSE Xfce succeeded but it took every single bit of the partition and I was unable to apply any updates or install new software.
Tried several other distros like Unity and Puppy. Finally I gave Fedora 15 a try and it took 2,2 GB. This left me over 1 GB space for additional software which was fairly enough for the uses of this certain desktop. After installing all the things I needed I had about 100 MB free space. So I’ll leave Fedora there for now. Thank you for the replies