minimum hard drive space needed?

Used gParted to free up about 30Gb to make a partition to install 11.1 x64 on my system which is already dual booting XP & Vista. But 11.1 says it needs to resize the Windows partition and is going to create a swap of 124Gb. I thought openSUSE only needed a minimum of 3Gb (according to the Novell site)?


You need to use custom partitioning to setup the install.
At this page select ‘create partition setup’:

Then custom partitioning

Thanks I’ll try it out today.


On 2nd thought I do have an 80Gb drive I can put in and install to that.


A swap of 124GB? Woah!

Like caf said, custom partition settings. You shouldn’t need more than 6GB for the install and however much you decide to allocate to swap.