Minimal KDE desktop without a browser,multimedia,games

Hello All,

I want to configure a new PC with a very minimal Desktop.I need X only for supporting a Java GUI application.Preferably I want to configure so that only the application runs and nothing else.But,I need the basic panel and system-tray for users to be able to configure their network and see the status of Desktop.The target users are either Noobs or with basic literacy only.I am planning for KDE base as I am more comfortable with it.But I can work with Gnome also.If I get to know what to choose,I will build the minimal image from suse-studio with JRE and mysql or postgresql.I will deploy the application on top.The intention is to give a secure,for-purpose PC to the semi-literate users,not to abuse their freedom.

Those who know,please suggest,

1.What minimal Window Μanager/Desktop manager to choose

2.Can KDE or Gnome be configured for this minimality and how?

3.What is the command to call to exit from a KDE/Gnome session?(I know auto starting application,I will call logout from the Java application)

Thanks in advance.

During install at this part:

If you choose ‘other’
You can select ‘Minimal X’