Minimal install

I’m trying to do a basic install. I can’t deselect the OpenOffice, Games, or Multimedia packages. I even set them to Taboo, and end still end up with the entire OpenOffice suite.

What do I need to do in order to keep this from loading?

Welcome to the forums. First thing to do during install, is to uncheck ‘Automatic configuration’. In the package selection, go to details and uncheck the unwanted patterns. That should do it.

Thanks, that worked. I think the interface needs work, that’s very unintuitive.

I recall there being some debate over the “automatic configuration”.

Many users do NOT want a selection. They want to push a button and have a default openSUSE Linux configuration placed on their PC, and they do not want to choose anything. Now that is not totally practical, but the number of users who do NOT want a choice is large. Very large. So in order to try and address the desire of those users, the “automatic configuration” check box was put in place. The users who wanted NO choice, did not even want that check box.

So I think its not a bad compromise for the DVD. A quick question to IRC channel freenode #suse or to our forum will quickly answer a question like yours. And I think the documentation (which no one reads) also makes that choice clear. One should READ the documentation if one wishes to do something outside of the nominal (or simply ask on IRC or our forum).

Note on the liveCDs one also has no choice. The logic being one picks a KDE or a Gnome liveCD (and now also for 11.2 can pick an LXDE, or Xfce, or Enlightenment liveCD) and one has that desktop and its preselected software installed. No choice.