Minimal Configuration for OpenSUSE 11.0

I’m new in this forum,
I whant to know what il the minimal configuration to run OpenSUSE 11.0 because I whant to install it on my computer , it is a Daewoo CT6710 , the Cpu has a frequency of 850mhz
, for the Ram I have 256mb , I have an Ati video Card Ati Saphire Radeon 9250.
the motherboard is the original one.
thank’s for helping me

You could struggle a little with 256mb ram

At install you will be presented with 4 choices: gnome, kde3, kde4, other-
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go on to select xfce from the Yast patterns section

or if you decide to try gnome or kde3 and add xfce too
At install (using the dvd) having already selected kde3 or gnome you would need to manage the installed software: see this image
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Click on the word Software when suse has finished presenting this screen

This will allow you to manage additional packages and add xfce.

Incidentally, icewm is also installed which is very minimal

ALSO: remember at this part of install to de-select auto login
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N.B. Credits to doctorjohn2 Installation - OpenSUSE 11.0 / Win XP Dual Boot - openSUSE Forums

Official openSUSE hardware minimal requirments

Thank’s fot that fast help ,
but I have an other question I cannot start the instaler
I get an error to report but it is too long to creat the log with the live cd
and my video card need the driver from the web site of ati to run promptly so that can be tne cause of the error ?
Have a nice day

Better use the install DVD or the network install CD. The Live CD is not so flexible.

Press F3 at the boot menu for install and you should see options:
try: vesa
or: text

This quote is from a suse help page:

If the graphical boot menu doesn’t show or freezes, try press and hold Shift on the keyboard when booting the installation media. This starts the text-mode boot menu instead.

ditto to ken_yap: use the dvd if you can

If it’s not work, can I use an older version of Suse ? It could be better beacuse I whant to play some games , like NFSU2, Gta Vc ,and many other. If yes , what is the version that could fit with the Driver from the Ati website ATI Proprietary Linux x86 Display Driver 8.28.8
Thank’s for that help.

Your install will go faster if you create a SWAP partion before you install that Suse can use with a partion disk like Part Magic.