milestone 8 / dual boot issue


I installed milestone 8 on a dual boot with ms vista and found that vista did not boot - it just hung at the splash screen. OpenSUSE booted fine. Looked in the boot dialogue box; the only thing I could see to do was to check the unchecked box ‘flag partition as active’ which I did after my first couple of unsuccessful attempts to boot Vista, but to no avail.

In the end, I needed to run the windows repair facility, which overwrote the grub boot loader so I will need to re-install openSUSE. I’m not sure whether to do this now or wait a bit until the final version is released, in case I just go back to the same problem.

Any advice please?



Hi there, Take a look at:
Super Grub Disk Homepage
I have a triple boot system and have used their software to fix and/or alter my bootin process. Neat stuff.